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Is there a purpose for suffering?

If it weren’t for the suffering in my life, I would never have grown. I would not be able to be the therapist that I am today. My soul chose all the experiences wisely, my soul wanted to become familiar with pain, so that I would be able to help others.

Unfortunately, not all of us who have suffered grow out of it and transform their pain into love. Some remain in their subconscious conditionings, living from the position of a wounded inner child and carry their pain onwards, while inflicting it to others. Some of you may be asking yourself - is suffering necessary in my life?

Why is suffering important?

Therefore, my suggestion to all of my clients is to take this life as a journey of healing. Because pain (and suffering) as an emotion is a fundamental experience of every human being. Sooner or later, life cracks us open, so that the healing can occur at the deepest levels of our being. The harder the challenges, the bigger the expansion - or the potential to open up to healing and for the love to come in. And we have to open up to love consciously, it will not just come by itself, we have to create the conditions.

But you don’t have to do it alone and you do not have to be characterized by your suffering. I am here to stand with you in the scariest storms, in the most devious places of your psyche’s hell and to let you know, that even down there, you can call upon light, because the healing, transformative miracle of love, is always within reach.

I am here to remind you, not to be afraid, because all of it is you, you just weren’t consciously aware of it yet. We are all of it – the terrifying storm, the calm sea, the devious hell and the strongest, most loving light from heaven.

The archetype of the inner light is just as much ours as are the suffering screams of despair. We have to own it, consciously, and make something of it, because our psyche longs to be whole, it longs to be integrated functionally.

How can we heal our pain?

Everything we experience as children, becomes part of our subconscious. The good, the bad and the ugly. But pain can never be forgotten. The bad and the ugly remain with us, dictating our decisions and blocking our growth with a victim mentality. Pain wants to be seen, heard and felt. Our inner child archetype has to be healed.

Therapy is a safe space, where we let it all out. We stop carrying pain subconsciously and we let it go consciously. Slowly, it stops hurting us so much. Slowly, it transforms into love of self, consequently bringing us peace.

Marriage and Family Therapy teaches clients how to embody and process their emotions, by being consciously aware of what we are experiencing subconsciously, or in the body. Our body reacts to everything organically - with bodily sensations. The word emotion itself, represents ENERGY in MOTION, that we sense through our nervous system. The job of a therapist is to regulate everything that feels overwhelming for us, until our brain learns how to do it on its own.

When does suffering end?

With talk therapy, our brain starts forming new neural pathways. Everything we did not get from our upbringing, we can compensate for as adults. We can learn to soothe ourselves, to love ourselves and to pass that on to others.

If you feel like you need help with processing your pain, you can check out my service HERE.



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