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Meet Pia Jerman, Intern of Marriage and Family Therapy
and founder of TerraPia 

My master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, along with 2 years of post-graduate clinical training, qualifies me as a mental health professional. In my work, I follow the ethical standards defined by the Slovenian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Many years ago, when I first became aware of the energies around us, I realized that the disconnection from ourselves, each other and nature is what is causing us the most pain and suffering in our lives.

That was when I decided to dedicate my life to healing this disconnection.


And so, for a long time, I have been completely focused on studying psychotherapy, reading books, attending workshops, just so I could learn everything about the universal connections, mysteries of life and human condition. 

However, when I look back, going to therapy sessions and healing my own hardships, helped me understand how to be a good therapist more than any knowledge I gained from books.

Because of all the loving help I have received, while growing out of my own suffering, I learned how to be a true warrior of love.

Years of studying, clinical training and working on myself, have qualified me to offer you a therapeutic relationship, with which I can help you process stress and trauma in a functional way.


I founded TerraPia as a safe space, created for healing.

Difficult times in our life present us with an opportunity to find healing on a personal and planetary level.

My role in this process is to help you transform your pain into love.


My vision is to create a community full of compassion and creativity, where people feel balanced with nature and in flow with their soul.

Come join me on the journey of self-discovery, integrating science with spirituality and creating a sustainable future, while trying to improve this mystical experience called life.​

TerraPia helps you connect with nature, your bodily sensations and emotional intelligence, which enables you to feel present, embodied and whole.​

It speaks to your inner child from a position of a healthy mother, which means that it supports you in a gentle and compassionate way, while you are trying to figure out your place in the world.​


University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy


Post Graduate Clinical Training

Sigmund Freud University, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy

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